5/19 – 7:30PM – Annual HOA Meeting

Due to Covid-19 social distancing recommendations, we have opted to move our Annual HOA members meeting to a virtual meeting via Zoom. Board members will report on the budget and share updated information on the pool.

Members, please check your email for the invitation to our Zoom meeting.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting.

Signage at Entrances

Realtors and business owners:
We are grateful for all you do to make our neighborhood beautiful and sought after. To that end, we respectfully request no signage at the front of Mayfair or St. Clair. You are welcome to put signs across the street from the entrances if you would like.

Also, open houses that take place over the weekend should only be signed beginning on Friday and be removed right after the open house ends.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Mayfair/St. Clair Homeowners Association

Update – Entrances Get An Update!

The entrances of Saint Clair and Mayfair (including Mayfair’s pillars at Hartridge) have been limewashed to give the brick a new, updated look. The gold lettering was also modernized – the new black color pops out against the new, bright brick. New holiday decorations and lighting are in the works as well. A big thanks to board member Anita Sullivan for all of her hard work!

You may have noticed the hole in the St. Clair entry wall. A stolen car involved in a high speed chase with Roswell police crashed into the wall. Two suspects fled on foot, and police searched for them in St. Clair around 5:00 a.m. News story here.

Your HOA board is on it; a claim has been placed with our insurance company, and we are waiting for reports from police.