HOA Board

The Role of the Homeowners Association (HOA)

To be effective, a homeowners association needs a strong board that understands their role and pursues it with passion and a concise mission in mind. To form an effective board, directors must have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the association, its history and what is to be accomplished. Every homeowners association should have responsibility for its assets as well as its operation in accordance with standards established by state and federal law, local ordinances, and the governing documents upon which the entity itself was created. 

Please consider volunteering for an HOA board position! Position descriptions can be found here. Contact anyone on the board with your interest.

Mayfair/St Clair HOA Board

President – MFSCpres@gmail.com – Bryant Whelan

Vice President – president@mayfairstclair.org – Drew Wilderman

Secretary – mfscsecretary@gmail.com – Dawn Lockwood

Treasurer – hoa@mayfairstclair.org – Michele Przybylinski

Membership – members@mayfairstclair.org – Lilly Rehberger

Swimming Pool – mfscpool@gmail.com – Darin Koff

Marlins Swim Team – mstcmarlins@gmail.com

House & Grounds – grounds@mayfairstclair.org – Karen Lecates

Tennis Chair – mfsctennis@gmail.com – Jeff McMichael

Social Chair – mfscsocial@gmail.comMegan Koff

Zoning Representative – Liz Warren

St Clair Rep – stclairrep@mayfairstclair.org – Linda Krejeck Harris

Mayfair Rep – mayfairrep@mayfairstclair.org – Tammie Morris

Website – webmaster@mayfairstclair.org – Lilly Rehberger