HOA Board Position Descriptions

leads the board members in prioritizing and planning needed tasks to maximize the value of our neighborhood within our budgetary restraints, and set the agenda for monthly board meetings.

acts as substitute for the President when not unavailable, and also carries out any assigned duties.

takes minutes of the monthly meetings and is the gatekeeper for neighborhood emails; annually organizes our banners for HS and college graduates;

pays bills in timely fashion, keeps the budget on track, and works with Membership to track membership payments and delinquencies.

works with our bank to issue billing for our annual HOA dues and works with our Treasurer to track payments and delinquencies.

Swimming Pool
selects and works with pool management company to provide life guards and maintain pool/ equipment; sets swimming schedule, hours and rules.

House and Grounds
selects and works with landscapers and other contractors (waste disposal, pressure washing, general) to maintain/replant/repair entrances and common area grounds, structures, and signage.

Tennis Czar
manages our very robust tennis playing community! 1) coordinates the needed general maintenance of the tennis courts to include the nets, windscreens, signage, lights, tennis surface, etc; and 2) sets our tennis teams’ weekly practice schedules; enter practice and match schedules into ReserveMyCourt.

Marlins Swim Team
rotating swim team parents recruit and organize a large team of volunteers to accomplish the annual Marlin Swim team season.

Zoning and Community Liaison
keeps up with any zoning requests that may impact our neighborhoods (mainly the property at 9435 Nesbit Ferry); provides the info to our secretary to disseminate to MFSC residents.

plans, and recruits help, to organize and host fun neighborhood events for both adults and children – Friday Night Cookouts, Memorial Day Pool Parties, Kids’ Movie Night, Holiday parties and the ever popular Chastain Night.

updates our website with upcoming events, pertinent news.

works with Membership to publish our biennual directory containing neighbor contact info; lawn care, petsitter & babysitter listings; hoa documents; and advertisements which help fund publication.

Welcome Basket
works with Membership/Treasurer to provide our new neighbors with a welcome basket (directory, recent newsletter, gift of tennis balls, etc.)