Update – Entrances Get An Update!

The entrances of Saint Clair and Mayfair (including Mayfair’s pillars at Hartridge) have been limewashed to give the brick a new, updated look. The gold lettering was also modernized – the new black color pops out against the new, bright brick. New holiday decorations and lighting are in the works as well. A big thanks to board member Anita Sullivan for all of her hard work!

You may have noticed the hole in the St. Clair entry wall. A stolen car involved in a high speed chase with Roswell police crashed into the wall. Two suspects fled on foot, and police searched for them in St. Clair around 5:00 a.m. News story here.

Your HOA board is on it; a claim has been placed with our insurance company, and we are waiting for reports from police.